New Concert Series: “Love and Passion ~ Music of the Soul…In Any Language”

A Concert Celebrating Connection ~

Travel through the language of music and art on a journey into the Soul of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Africa, Japan, Italy, Germany, Russia, the Middle East…and more through the soulful artistry of Jane Bakken.

Singing, Acoustic Piano, Original Artwork…and some surprises!

“…we have never been around the world, but you took us on a beautiful, culturally rich, musical journey that touched our hearts and minds in a way we shall never forget.”

“…radiant and magnificent in the presentation of your passion…”

“I traveled with you through the world and especially liked my visit to Paris…it vibrated my heart strings.”

“…you give life to the gift of music, healing and beyond to the understanding that the world is one place…within us, and across the earth. Your authenticity is stunning…a night filled with beauty and joy.”

“The evening was a highlight for me…you are a ‘concert’…the music, the voice, the beauty, the maturity… magnificent! I am still warm inside from the experience…”