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Music, Poetry, Art  have always been a connection among us. Their vibrations inspire, move, and carry healing energy into the far corners of the Soul, individually and collectively. To play with light and sound through art and music has always been delicious for me. And over the years, it has brought me deeper into connection with Divine Spirit, and over recent years, more fully with the Feminine Spirit of the Universe ~ the Heart and Womb of connection, creation, fire and passion.

Like women who sew quilts with every stitch a prayer, I began these past several years to move into a place where every note, every moment, every breath became more sacred. And it was in this place that I could feel more intensely Her ferocious protection of all that is vulnerable and fragile, Her range of passion, fire and love, and Her aching Heart in the disconnection from innocence, beauty, gentleness. This collection of music, art and poetry has been a soul container for this journey. May it enrich your lives as well.

Grateful ~ Jane

New      Album      Release

November, 2014


Jane Bakken's Music CD - Love & Passion, Music of the Soul, In Any Language

           Music has always been about Connection for me~

Connection to body/mind/spirit within myself and

with others in relationship. This album of covers crosses

over language, culture and musical genres. It is my

humble response to all those songs, cultures and artists

calling to the music rumbling in my soul for many years,

a handful of whom I honor in this album. May the music

here in all its Love and Passion bring Joy to your hearts

and a reminder in every note that LOVE has the power to

connect us all. Enjoy these Colours of my Soul! Jane

Front Cover Art Piece, Karin Kuhlmann, Sayings, 2000
(c) 2014 Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Jane Bakken's Music CD - Love & Passion, Music of the Soul, In Any Language Click (play) for preview of track  1.   Once Upon a Dream (play)
2.   Contigo Aprendi (play)
3.   In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (play)
4.   Roma Criola (play)
5.   A Kiss in the Dark (play)
6.   The Best is Yet to Come (play)
7.   Sway (play)
8.   Non, Je ne Regrette Rien (play)
9.   The Rose (play)
10. Make You Feel My Love (play)
11. You Don’t Know Me (play)
12. Wie Melodien (play)
13. Non so piu cosa son (play)

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Physical album includes 12-page booklet with personal song notes,
photos and Jane’s original artwork.



“….something about Jane’s voice…it is more than singing.

“Absolutely beautiful-a stunning voice which I could listen to with great ease & joy each & every day…just heavenly!”
Andrew McCavish (Wales)

“Soothing: Jane’s voice is so soothing. How relaxing. What a contrast to much of what passes as ‘music’ now days. Much of that reminds me of the old radio static I used to hear.” ~Gordon

“Perfected Style:  This CD is a triumph for Jane Bakken. Her vocal talents and style are portrayed in several languages over a wide range of offerings. It’s interesting, vital and very, very pleasant to listen to.”  Kerry McKenna

“Songs of the Heart: This is more than music. When I listen to this CD, I feel vibrations of love. Jane sings from her heart and easily reaches my heart. The album is professionally made- everything from the cover design to exceptional quality of recording flows together creating a unique experience which leaves you transformed.
When I listen to Jane sing, I learn more about being real, about being alive.” ~Anna M.

“Enjoying Jane’s latest album “Colours of My Soul.” This is a deep, heartfelt tribute to the origins of these beautiful legendary songs. It makes me downright happy to listen to it early at sunrise or late at night when there is a moonrise. Jane sends romantic vibes through the lyrics and the instruments.” ~ Diane

“This album of covers is a smorgasboard of delicious treats for the ears and the soul!”

“There are waves of energy, of love that come through Jane’s singing on this album.”

“Jane’s singing resonates with a feeling so deep that I don’t want the music to stop.”

“Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gift!” ~Terry

“This is very lovely! It is both relaxing and stimulating. Congratulations on this whole project!! ~Judy G.

RE: YouTube: Once Upon A Dream; Track #1 on album
“Amazing Jane, I viewed this days ago and got to be the first one to give a thumbs up. Completely engaging, deep and moving. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and personal part of your heart and art.” ~ Keith

“Your voice is fabulous! The CD is grand! ~ Carole

“Thank you for sharing your amazing new CD with us. As one who tried to promote a couple of local groups years ago, I have some appreciation of the valiant effort it takes to create a finished product of the quality of your latest project. ~Joseph

” I got the chance to listen to your CD this last few days and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I had no idea you had such a beautiful voice. My favorite was “you don’t know me”. ~ Marj

“I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you regarding the fantastic album. We had a quiet Thanksgiving at home and that’s when we listened to it. We wanted to have time to sit and listen, we first put it on our small CD player but when we played it with our larger speakers, wow, what a difference…. your voice, beautiful, beautiful. The overall sound is great!
…. We have our favorites, Sway, A kiss in the Dark, Once Upon a Dream and some of the others in different languages. Great job, you worked it. Congratulations and lots of luck with this album. Your artwork looks great too!
~ Al and Esther

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your CD – you should be chuffed! What a labor of love, passion, and spirit!
You should be proud. Congratulations!” ~ Mary

“Beautiful! Sensual! I love my CD!” ~ Mercedes

“I do appreciate your healing energy, Jane. I shared your new video with several people tonight. Thank you again…Thank you for the link to your lovely music. You are an inspiration to so many people. I love the variety on the album. It feels like a walk through different time periods and cultures all in one CD. You know, I have a pretty good ear for music, living with Al , and I think your singing is wonderful. Al heard it this morning and says it’s marvelous!” ~ Sally

“This album is fabulous…beautiful. I am proud to have such a talented friend! And, of course, you can use whatever I say. You can use my first and last name if you want, and my picture too. Even make a yard sign with my picture saying, “Dan Riley liked it.” Even, if you want, you can have an airplane circling Century Field this Sunday dragging the quote.” Dan Riley

“Jane, you have such a beautiful voice! ~ Carrie

Producer: Jane Bakken

NEW RELEASE! (c) 2008 Elegance Publishing/ASCAP $17


REVIEW BY: Susan Osborn/International Singer/Songwriter

“Thank you for sending me your beautiful offerings in song and poetry! Your voice is
simply gorgeous…so true and steady and lovely. So happy to know that you are
sharing these gifts with the world…”


Joe Shirley
Ambassador Mentor
Researcher, Event Coordinator
Coach, Writer
Professional Speaker

“Not sure what to expect, (never having met her in person), I put Jane’s Christmas CD, “I SEND YOU LOVE”, in to play. I turned around to go about my business, expecting to pay partial attention to the music in the background. Then this voice came out of the speakers, the voice of heaven, of love, of passion and caring all at once. I sat back down and listened to every note.

I have very, very high standards when it comes to music. Not much passes muster. I have worked (briefly) in the biz, have a sister with a great voice and several albums to her credit, and have produced an album myself, and I care very much about great sound and voice and music.

So I have an ear that listens for nuance, for honest presence and emotion, for artistry, and for skill in production. Jane’s Christmas album is beyond anything I have heard in a long time. I am impressed as hell and excited to think I might be meeting her at a Biznik event any time now. Bravo!”
REVIEW BY: Rabbi Ted Falcon, Ph.D., and Ruth Neuwald Falcon
Rabbi for Bet Alef: An Inclusive Spiritual Synagogue

“Thank you so much for sharing your words and your voice with us…the love in your heart
is expressed in the warmth and gentle power of your voice. You do bring the beauty
and grace of Rumi and Hafiz into a modern world that sorely needs such gifts.”
REVIEW BY: Nancy Rumble
Tingstad & Rumble
Grammy Award Winners

“It was such a gift to hear your new CD. It truly displays the versatility and creative range of your beautiful voice. The variety of music and arrangements leads the listeners on a wonderful jouney. Thank you so much for following your heart and fulfilling your dream!”
REVIEW BY: Melissiah/International Vocal Coach and Founder of
Absolute Singing Mastery and BodySense

(New contact made following completion of CDs)

“Jane Bakken’s aptly titled “LOVE AND PASSION” presents a unique album of piano solos
and vocal solos, mostly acapella. Her incredible vocal style – light and delicate one moment
then deep and powerful the next – will transport you away on a haunting and emotional
journey. The album presents a refreshing take on some well-known classics, a few old
favorites, and a couple of surprises as well! Jane Bakken is truly in touch with the
spirit of music as a gift to inspire, move and heal.”
REVIEW BY: Denise Linn
Best-Selling Author, Seminar Leader, “Soul Coach”
Published Author of books in more than 26 languages

“Wow…your voice is like liquid gold…thank you so much for sharing your passion.
I’m delighted to hear that you are doing concerts throughout the land!”

“Thank you for the fabulous CD…we appreciate your exploration of the loves and passions
from the different cultures…you are a shining light of love.”
“I got chills listening to your demo! You sing beautifully and I really
love your voice! I can’t wait to own a signed copy of your CD!

Jane Bakken's Music CD - Love & Passion, Music of the Soul, In Any Language 1. Within (Inner Realm) (play)
2. Isle of Innisfree (Celtic/hummed
as Mother’s Lullabye; portion)

3. Lascia Ch’io Pianga (German composer/
Italian lyrics; v. 1) (play)

4. Nella Fantasia (Spanish composer/Italian lyrics; v. 1)
5. Soneto de Separacao (Portuguese; v. 1)
6. Alejate (Spanish; v. 1) (play)
7. A Quoi Ca Sert L’Amour (French)
8. La Vergine degli Angeli (Italian)
9. Pace, Pace, Mio Dio (Italian)
10. American in Paris (American; portion)
11. Heidenroslein (German; v. 1) (play)
12. Eternal (all things eternal) (play)
13. Every Breath/Sh’ma (Arabic/Hebrew) (play)
14. Rachmaninov Prelude, Op. 3, No. 2 (Russian)
15. Kiss Me Again (English; second half)
16. Si Tu Le Voulais (French)
Sold Out

“We are in a time on the planet where body, mind, spirit is shifting from doing the waltz with the yang energy leading to a more passionate and soulful tango with yin and yang, seen and unseen, mystical and pragmatic, heart and mind, inner and outer…learning to dance with seamless integration. And even though things get messy, and sweaty, with more than a few bruised toes in the process, these new dance steps are being remembered through our physical and soulful bodies in all areas ~ as humans, families, schools, churches and synagogues, corporations, all organizations, cities, political paradigms, countries and in all energy centers on the planet. This is the backdrop of paradigm shifts occurring at an ever-increasing rate of speed.”

Amore ~ Carmen Rose (poet’s pen name for Jane)

NEW RELEASE! (c) 2008 Elegance Publishing/ASCAP $ 17

Jane Bakken's Poetry CD - Saturday Night of the Soul 1. Audacious Lovers (play)
2. Original
3. Dawning of the Ages (play)
4. Pssst…It’s Me, God
5. Divine Electricity
6. Lovemaking on Planet Earth (play)
7. Remember (play)
8. Midwives of The Moon
9. The Divine Hunter
10. The Other Shoe…
11. Flirting (play)
12. Nothing to Be Fixed
13. Disconnection
14. Openings
15. Martini Morning
16. Seduced
17. Uncertainty
18. Checkmate!
19. Life at the Movies
20. Anonymous
21. Front Row Seat$17

Physical units sold out.
Digital downloads avilable: Amazon & CD Baby
Rosalind Creasy: Rose Photograph on “Saturday Night…” cover

Christmas CD: I Send You Love; DreamWalker Productions/Elegance Publishing/ASCAP $17
(CD Debut © 1999; Vocal CD by Jane Bakken)

A Collection of Originals and Christmas Favorites, Including “O Holy Night”And “Ave Maria”

“Passionate music from traditional carols to Jane’s soulful originals… a treasure for any music library… a true ‘gift of Christmas.” Moe McEndree, Film Producer

“It seems only fitting that this CD debut be at Christmas. The real-life analogies are many ~ the expectation, the preparation, the wise men and women, and their many gifts that have been a part of this soul birth. As we celebrate the birth of the Christ, and our love for one another, I send you this collection of originals and holiday favorites from my deepest soul. May its Spirit of Joy lift you this Christmas Season, and throughout the entire year!

Sending You Love, Jane

Acknowledgments for “I Send You Love” CD:
Recorded and Mixed at MSP Studios; Mike Strickland, Engineer ~ Recommend Highly!
Recording of Tracks 5 and 9, additional mixing and mastering:
The Garey Shelton Studio; Garey Shelton, Engineer ~ Recommend Highly!
All vocals, Jane Bakken; Acoustic Piano/Keyboards, Mike Strickland (except Track 10, Bakken)
Accompanying Musician Acknowledgments on CD Jacket ~ The finest musicians, all!
Background Vocal samples, Courtesy of Spectrasonics “Symphony of Voices”; CD-ROM Collection
Producer: Jane Bakken

janebakken2 1. Winter Wonderland
2. Shine
3. We Talk About
4. I Send You Love (play)
5. Hosannah (play)
6. O Holy Night (play)
7. Ave Maria
8. Forever Love
9. Sweet L’il Jesus Boy (play)
10. In This Moment
11. Silent Night
12. A Christmas Medley (play)

$17 Includes tax, S & H in US

$10 Special price through Jan 1, 2015
when purchasing Colours of the Soul album, includes tax, S & H in US