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New Concert Series: “Love and Passion ~ Music of the Soul…In Any Language”

A Concert Celebrating Connection ~

Travel through the language of music and art on a journey into the soul of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Africa, Japan, Italy, Germany, Russia, the Middle East …and more, through the soulful artistry of Jane’s singing, acoustic piano, original artwork…and some surprises!

Creative energy personified, Jane will be your tour guide as she takes you swimming in the oceans off Portugal, strolling through a Spanish countryside, listening to the chimes in Red Square, drinking in the passion of Italy and the ‘amour’ of France, all without leaving your chair.

A mother’s lullabye…the passion for your lover…sweetness of a dream realized…the anguish of loss…love of homeland…gratitude and protection for Mother Earth ~ These loves, passions, in any language, come from the depths of the human soul. The Spirit of a people is carried through their language, their music. And so it has been, as I have explored with reverence, that the music of different countries, different cultures, has taken me into the sanctuary of my own body, mind and spirit in ways unique and sacred to each one, bringing deep medicine enriching my life, my home, my family. Some have yet to be experienced. This Concert is an offering of gratitude for these gifts.

Enjoy~ Jane

Jane Bakken

Weddings/Memorials/Events Specializing In
Music From Other Cultures/Countries

Art Galleries: Jane’s Artwork with Opening or Closing Night Concert
Intercultural Events/Language Orgs./International School Events
Interfaith Events/Spiritual Communities
Business/Corporate/Organizational Events with Global Focus

(25% commission for any agent organizing concert)
(Tuned quality piano on site, preferably ‘grand’)