Pounding on a cardboard keyboard, at age 6, at the dining room table for more than a year (until the family could afford an upright) was probably the first sign that music for Jane was going to be right up there with breathing.

Jane is known as one of the Northwest’s finest artisans ~ singer, pianist, recording artist, songwriter, and self-taught painter. In her teenage years, Jane began accompanying choirs and national soloists. For the past two decades, she sang and played in many of Seattle/Bellevue’s finest hotels/restaurants, as well as acting/singing/dancing/co-directing in community theater events. Jane recorded her first CD, “I Send You Love”, a Christmas album, including six original compositions, in 1999. Singing in the Total Experience Gospel Choir for two years was one of her highlights. Jane has performed concerts in other states, and has sung in other countries.

Since 1984, Jane has also developed a reputation as one of the finest commercial artisans in this area with faux painting, murals and venetian plaster. A featured artisan in Seattle’s “Street of Dreams” in 1999 and 2001, Jane was also asked to work on a villa in France, and commissioned for work in other states.

Love and Passion ~ Music of the Soul…In Any Language” is a new Concert Series where Jane combines her trio of soulful artistry in singing, acoustic piano and painting in a way that will thrill audiences everywhere.

Jane resides in the green hills of Washington state where she and her husband of 30 years, Jack Fecker, live with their son in the first strawbale home constructed in King County. She is also active as an entrepreneur and business development consultant, and works with Jack in a variety of interfaith and intercultural communities.